Beyond the Towers: Keeping you Connected

U.S. Cellular is in the business of keeping you connected, from calling home to tagging friends on social media. But it takes more than towers to keep the network running, it is the people behind the scenes that help make sure you don’t miss a moment. Check out what it takes to make sure you never miss a moment.

Collaboration Makes the Network Work

U.S. Cellular engineers live and work where our customers do, so they know exactly what your local network needs and how to apply the correct technology to service it. They share the same desire of our customers for our networks to be better, faster and stronger.

Every day, U.S. Cellular engineers monitor connections on local cell towers to know when to allocate bandwidth from one section to another, making sure that your latest selfie gets posted without delay. They gather data about the network (e.g., call quality, call reliability, physical hardware, etc.) and where it can be optimized to bring you superior performance. Engineers are even able to ensure that, when an accident or some other event happens that suddenly strains the system, your important information still gets transferred.

But you might be surprised to learn that they don’t do it with internal tools alone.

Unlike traditional corporate industrial environments, where competing companies tend not to cooperate with one another, telecommunications engineers work extensively with operators from other networks. Working together facilitates important public services like 911, Wireless Emergency Assistance and Wireless Priority Services for first responders, as well as basic support network to network. Our engineers are also currently looking into ways of applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to the network to create a self-optimizing system with faster response time. That means whether you have an emergency or you’re simply calling a friend with a different provider, U.S. Cellular makes sure you can connect when it matters.

Staying connected takes a village – and a carrier that goes above and beyond. To keep in touch with the important people in your life, our engineers recommend upgrading to an unlimited plan with U.S. Cellular.

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