How the Cloud Extends the Life of Your Phone

One of the primary reasons we upgrade our Smartphones is to get enough space to house the latest and greatest apps and more and more photos.

Thanks to cloud storage, you can slow down that cycle of upgrading for more space – and maybe even put it off indefinitely. By moving some of your files and services off of your device and onto the Cloud, you can free up space and stop some things from filling it up again.

Here are some of the best cloud services to maximize free space and keep your old phone working for you longer.

Automatic Photo Backups

A built-in feature of both Apple and Android devices is the ability to have the photos you take automatically uploaded to the cloud.

When enabled, Apple’s iCloud and Android’s Google Photos will back up every photo you take. Even if you delete photos from your device to free up storage, you can still access them from your Google or iCloud account. However, your total storage is limited.

Both iCloud and your Google account will have a storage limit, beyond which nothing will be uploaded. On either platform you can manage this storage by downloading your photos to another device and freeing up more cloud space.

On Android you have one extra option, if you don’t mind slightly lower-quality images. Google Photos can upload compressed versions to the cloud, in which case you’re allowed unlimited storage for photos.

File Storage with Google Drive

Another option for moving certain types of files and storage to the Cloud is Google Drive.

If you do a lot of work from your mobile device or move files between your phone and a computer, Drive can save you space by hosting things in the Cloud without ever having to touch your phone’s storage.

You can edit documents on the go with Google Docs, view and share PDFs on the Cloud without downloading them and quickly access photos or videos without taking up space on your phone.

DP+ Data Backup

U.S. Cellular’s Device Protection+ primarily provides extended coverage for repair, replacement and tech support on your device, but it also gives you Data Backup, a cloud storage feature to move files to the Cloud and store them there safely.

A standard plan offers up to 5 GB of storage, accessible through a mobile app, giving you a significant amount of space to keep secure copies of the files and media on your device or transfer them entirely to the cloud. In order to access this service you must be a U.S. Cellular customer.

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