The 8 Best Hidden Android Features

Even if you’re the biggest Android fan, you might not know about every feature that can help you do even more with your phone. Here are our top 8 Android tips and tricks for taking advantage of everything your phone can do:

1. Tasker

This Android-exclusive app is a task automation hub that essentially turns your Smartphone into a personalized superphone. Tasker lets you control settings on all your apps by time, date, location and many other factors, to fully personalize how your phone communicates with you. For example, Tasker can be used to turn your phone on vibrate when you’re in the office, then switch back to normal volume once you leave for the day. With so many customizable variables, the possibilities are infinite.

2. Guest Mode

This handy feature allows friends and family to use their own profiles on your phone to check their e-mails, messages and other essentials. Guest mode leaves your personal information private and gives other users a totally clean slate for web browsing.

3. Smart Lock

When you’re at home or at the office, chances are you aren’t worrying about someone breaking into your phone. Android has a feature that keeps your phone unlocked pending its proximity to you (in your pocket), your location (home) and trusted devices (laptop). This comes in handy when you need to look something up or make a call fast and don’t want to bother with unlocking.

4. Save a Webpage as a PDF

Going off the grid means no web access, which means no way to access articles and news online. If you’re jumping on a plane, or heading into the great outdoors, Android lets you save articles as PDFs so that you can access them anywhere and anytime.

5. Use Power Button to End Call

During a phone call, chances are the power button is easily within reach. This hidden Android feature allows you to end calls by tapping it. A small but mighty convenience, once you’ve used it, you’ll have no idea how you lived without.

6. Control Your Data

Many of us are guilty of going over our monthly data limit, and by the time we get an alert, it’s too late in the month to correct our habits. Android gives you the option to set data limits — so you control how much data is too much, and when your phone notifies you about it.

7. Share Files With Fellow Android Users

With Android, you can file share among friends easily. Using a Bluetooth link, you can transfer files in the blink of an eye. And for larger files, the same goes for Android users on the same Wi-Fi network.

8. Priority Notifications

The perfect trick for the ultra-productive user, Android allows users to pick and choose who and what they deem important enough for notifications. Assign certain numbers and activities priority status, and bring an end to pesky 11 p.m. phone calls from unknown numbers.

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