How 5G Will Transform Your Daily Life

Now that 5G networks are officially rolling out, this new wireless technology has the potential to make a big impact on the lives of millions of people across the country. Boasting faster speeds than 4G and the ability to provide more reliable coverage to more people, here are just some of the ways 5G is going to change how you connect to the world around you.

5G delivers strong, reliable coverage inside and out.


5G is here and it’s already dramatically improving how we connect to family, friends and coworkers. Pay attention though, not all 5G is the same. Only 5G from carriers like U.S. Cellular provide reliable coverage, inside and outside without interruption. That’s because U.S. Cellular uses a 600mhz signal. Compared to its mmWave 5G counterpart, not only can 600mhz 5G confidently break through barriers like the walls in your house or the elevator in your office building, 600mhz 5G goes the distance, too. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to effortlessly video chat with business partners inside a warehouse or stream the latest blockbuster from your king size bed.

5G keeps more people connected in crowded spaces.
If you’ve ever attended a crowded event or street festival, you know how painful it can be just to send a text. Help is finally on the way. Once 5G is fully up and running, it will be able to keep more phones connected at once than 4G. So, whether you’re livestreaming your favorite band or simply trying to meet up with friends, 5G-enabled phones like the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G will be there to help keep you connected with little to no connection issues.

5G lets you stream, videochat and game without disruption.
In our fast-paced, socially-connected world, it has become essential to have a network you can count on to stay connected to what matters to you most. Thanks to the low latency power of 5G, you’ll start to notice that sending and receiving information will happen almost instantaneously. This means videochatting with family will feel more like face-to-face and sharing pics on Instagram will happen in seconds instead of minutes. Pretty awesome, right?

5G keeps you connected when it really matters.
We all need wireless service we can depend on—especially with the recent health pandemic sweeping the country. Now more than ever before, we’re counting on the benefits of 5G so we can keep working, learning and connecting with each other—even if it’s from the comforts of our homes. With the leap in technology that 5G delivers compared to 4G, U.S. Cellular is committed to helping its customers carry on with their lives, even during a global event like the one we face today. Learn more about our COVID-19 Response and how we’re delivering on our promise to always put U.S. Cellular customers first.

As wireless networks continue to advance 5G capabilities, so too will the devices that run on them. You can always find the latest 5G phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G at U.S. Cellular®.