Look for Transparency in Your Phone Plan

When the first Smartphones hit the market more than ten years ago, early adopters thought they were getting a great deal with affordable phone plans. But even as more competition appeared, bills became less transparent, with hidden charges and inexplicable price differences for similar services.

Expensive devices, mystery fees and extra charges meant wireless customers were starting to shell out more to use the same services. Now, savvy consumers demand transparency from their carriers about what they’re paying for and why.

Quitting Unaffordable Data Plans

Today, a growing number of people are dissatisfied with unaffordable data plans. Wireless churn rates – that is, the rate at which customers cancel their carrier plans each month – have risen in the last few years.

These consumers are often seeking more customized solutions – and with more companies offering the same data for less money, this trend won’t reverse anytime soon.

Different coverage maps can help you sort through all the options for your region. You might be surprised by how many carriers offer the same coverage for starkly different prices.

Customized Data Plans

Let’s face it: not everyone with a Smartphone is a data hog. If you don’t use all your data, U.S. Cellular offers a value payback plan to get money back for every month you’re under 3GB. If that doesn’t work for you, you should still be able to build a custom plan with the features you need (and none you don’t).

More cost-effective phone plans will depend on total transparency from the carrier, plus the ability to customize your plan based on the services you really use. Expect the data plans of tomorrow to come with more insight into your actual data usage, what you pay for – and what you can stand to cut.

At U.S. Cellular®, we believe in giving every wireless customer choices about how to spend their money on data. Simply put: we should all pay for what we get (and no more). Find more ways to save with us.