5 Features You Might not Know Your Smartphone Camera Has

Smartphone camera technology has changed how people take pictures. With the rise of high quality Smartphone camera features, anyone with a modern Smartphone can be an amateur photographer. If you’re looking to add some great shots to your portfolio, here are the latest features to look out for.

Dual Lens
The hottest phones on the market all boast a dual-lens camera. This feature allows the user to switch between wide-angle and telephoto lenses.

When to use it: The wide-angle lens is ideal for capturing a large scene, while the telephoto features a sharp optical zoom for clear, close-up detail.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)
HDR composites multiple shots into one ideal photo with the perfect levels of color, brightness and shadows (among many characteristics). The feature is easy to find in your phone’s camera app; and many Smartphones even come with auto HDR, so you’ll get great results effortlessly.

When to use it: HDR works especially well at night or in more dimly lit areas.

Portrait Mode
Portrait mode, one of the most cutting-edge Smartphone camera features, is currently all the rage. It relies on an effect called “bokeh,” which causes the foreground of an image to sharpen and its background to blur.

When to use it: As its name implies, portrait mode is best reserved for images where a person is the main focus. The varying depths of field give the photo an artistic effect and focus the viewer’s eye on the subject of the photo.

Burst Mode
This handy Smartphone camera feature allows the user to take multiple photos in rapid succession simply by holding down the capture button for an extended period of time.

When to use it:  One of the key benefits of burst mode is the ability to pick out the best image from the group. You can also string together the successive images to create an animation. This is great to use for birthday celebrations and other occasions where a reaction picture helps capture the memory.

Filters are no longer just for Instagram and Snapchat. Most Smartphones now have filters that let you easily change up your photos. Switch up your photos to sepia or black and white, or tweak the colors from vivid to desaturated to find the perfect tone

When to use it: Smartphones come with a variety of filters, so there’s usually one that’s perfect for just about any photo. You can apply filters before you shoot to preview the results, or apply them after capturing your photo.

While Smartphone camera technology will never replace a standalone camera for professional photographers, they’ll help most of us achieve results we’ll be proud to show off. Once you know the features and capabilities of your phone’s camera, you’ll be taking great photos in no time. And if you’re looking to take your cellphone photos to a new level, browse the complete selection of camera-equipped Smartphones from U.S. Cellular®.

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