7 Health Apps for Your Personal Wellness Plan

Smartphone technology makes it easier than ever before to stay healthy. Here are seven of the best fitness and health devices and apps (for both Android and iOS) to help you maintain your personal wellness plan.

Get Your Diet In Check


One of the most well-known health apps, MyFitnessPal (MFP) allows users to track their diet and exercise to determine optimal caloric and nutritional intake. Users can input recipes and specific workouts to further optimize their results. While the app is free, there is a premium version ($50/year) that allows users to create custom macro-nutrient plans.

Special Feature: MFP’s community feature allows users to add friends and interact with other members for additional motivation.


A comprehensive nutrition app, Lifesum goes beyond calorie counting, offering a personalized health test that customizes diet recommendations based on things like goals, lifestyle, cravings and plenty of other factors. The app also offers recommendations based on the user’s habits. For an even more personalized experience, the premium version ($44.99/year) allows the user to sync with other fitness apps.

Special Feature: Lifesum can act as a fitness coach by sending out daily reminders to eat and drink at specified times.

Stay Heart Healthy

Smart Watches

As watches get smarter, they have started to gain traction as wearable medical devices. In fact, there have been documented cases of smart watches saving lives with their ability to track and monitor heart rhythms. As watches get smarter, they have started to gain traction as wearable medical devices. Forbes has reported on cases of smart watches saving lives: with their ability to track and monitor heart rhythms, they can detect irregularities that signal you may need to seek medical help.

Garmin VivoSmart & Samsung Gear Fit

Get smart about your heart health with a heart monitor. Wear a Garmin VivoSmart and track everything from your steps to your heart rate. It even reminds the wearer to move when it senses inactivity. Samsung Gear Fit also takes a proactive approach, using a smart watch’s heart rate sensor for continuous monitoring, and alerting users when they reach a vigorous intensity zone during exercise.

Meet Your Fitness Goals


Perfect for those who want to get stronger and leaner without committing to a gym or spending hours working out, Sworkit hosts exercise videos that help users get moving. Users simply select a goal, choose how much time they’d like to dedicate and note what their current fitness level is. Once this is done, this unique fitness and health app creates a six-week program with weekly workout goals.

Special Feature: Once users get the hang of the app, they can customize workouts utilizing their favorite moves.


HIIT, or high intensity interval training, features short workouts with bursts of energy for serious fat burning. The Keelo app keeps HIIT routines fun and fresh. Offering workouts from seven to 20 minutes long, Keelo provides both bodyweight- and equipment-based exercises, so there’s never any excuse to skip a workout.

Special Feature: The iOS version of Keelo syncs with the Apple Watch for easy reference during your workout. Additionally, the app will sync with your heart rate monitor for a more personalized workout.


The perfect health app for runners, hikers, walkers and cyclists, the Strava app tracks stats like distance, pace, speed, elevation and calories burned. Strava users can also join digital clubs to socialize and share stats with other users. Pair Strava with your Fitbit or heart rate monitor for additional monitoring.

Special Feature: With the premium version ($59.99/year) users get access to a personalized program, including real-time activity feedback and analysis.

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