Turn Your Smartphone Into Your Personal Assistant

Most smartphones and other digital devices come with some sort of voice assistant. These often come as a built-in app or service on your device that you can open up and speak to or, in some newer devices, even open with a voice command.

Check out this guide to learn how you can fully employ your digital assistant to work full-time for you.

Call Your Assistant by Name

On iOS devices, Siri is your built-in voice assistant. On newer models, you can activate Siri just by saying “Hey Siri” aloud, while on older devices you have to open the app by triple-tapping the home button.

On Android, Google Assistant—formerly Google Now—will do many of the same things as Siri and responds to “OK Google” as a voice command to open the app.

For Microsoft users, Cortana is the voice assistant you’ll find both on your Windows phone and on any Windows 10 computer or tablet. Cortana is also available as an app on the iTunes and Google Play app stores.

Assistance With Calling, Texting & Emailing

Using your smartphone’s voice assistant, you can make calls to anyone in your contact list or to a custom number. You can also send a text the same way, and your phone will convert your spoken message into text, sending it as a regular text message.

This feature also will allow you to send an email using your phone’s default email client and dictating your message to the voice assistant.

Set Alarms and Timers

Forgot to set the morning alarm, but already put the phone down? Now your phone’s voice assistant can set timers and alarms for you.

Just ask your voice assistant to set the alarm for the time and date that you need the alarm and relax knowing that your assistant took care of it.

Schedule Reminders

Use Siri, Google Assistant or Cortana to schedule your life for you. Just dictate your appointments or events or use it to set reminders for your to-do list for a simple way to stay on track.

When setting reminders, most voice assistants can attach reminders to more than just the time you set them. For instance, you can ask it to remind you of something when you reach a certain location or a specific time, like making a phone call when you get home.

Launch or Download Apps

Most voice assistants can launch any app on your device, so whether you are having trouble finding where you placed the app icon or just need to quickly launch one hands-free, your voice assistant has you covered.

Your voice assistant can be a powerful tool, so make sure to use these tips to take advantage of the convenience and ease that voice assistance can offer.

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